ARDENT TRIBE are a group of inspired, talented musicians whose spell-binding World Music originals have been making Vancouver rock for the last two years. That’s why the band was recognized as one of the top 2 Unsigned bands on the West Coast, in the Georgia Straight’s Best in Vancouver Awards 2015. The chemistry they build with the audience creates a soul-infused vibe of sheer joy. Their original tunes are powerful and contagious, and they’re masters at riding the wave of the crowd’s energy and leaving them wanting more!

LIVE EVENT PERFORMERS – Cover and original music for events

VANCOUVER’S TOP DANCE BAND will make your event an irresistible dance party for the ages, with classic Rock, Blues, Soul & Top 40 covers, from their eclectic music songlist. From Aretha, Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, The Stones, Pharrell Williams, David Bowie, and Santana to Shakira, the band’s energy will make you jump out of your seat and onto the dance floor! So if you’re booking a party, club or festival, call the number below today to discuss your event, and book a band that will make your event a memorable one.

Voted one of top 2 Unsigned Bands in Vancouver – Georgia Straight’s Best in Vancouver Awards