We had so much fun recording our latest songs, and making the music video for MASOMA. This song is really close to Cathy’s heart, because the word means “Thank you” in Daoala, the language of her parents. So the song was really written as a poem of gratitude to her folks. It has a little more meaning for her now because her father passed away in 2016, and never got to hear the song. But her incredibly loving and supportive mother did, and it meant a lot to share it and give her that thanks. So we want to dedicate the song to all the friends, family, and fans of the band. It’s our song of gratitude to you as well. For your love and support. You have helped us every step of the way. From our first crazy rehearsals and gigs. Following us out of town, to shows in small towns and concerts, festivals, cars breaking down on road trips. Sunset ferry rides to Victoria. Sleepovers in your houses on those trips. Dinners, drinks, laughs and getting to know our wonderful fans and hosts. Live Music triumphs, disasters, and more victories. Playing our own original songs, and feeling your warm, enthusiastic response; your support for the message of happiness and joy, the desire to live in a higher vibration. For all of you, and for all of that, this song is for you. MASOMA. Thank you.

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